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Streamline and Unify Communications

and Professional Service Delivery

 Turn your best practices in Repeatable Processes and Workflows

Speed up delivery and improve your customer's experience

Why does your organization need G-FORCE BPN?


Increase your throughput by standardizing your workflows and managing  delivery using a single integrated platform


Monitor the progress, timing and assignment of each process step using a single dashboard and set of KPIs


Use the same digital platform to take orders, process payment, manage project workflow and deliver projects to your customers


Unify communications between operators, managers, outsourced workers, and customers in a single platform and interface


Our workflow bots automate repetitive tasks, keeping your workers focused on higher-value operations and customer interaction

Market Validation


Using G-FORCE, GreenLancer built a vibrant

Solar Marketplace of on-demand services

  • 3,000+ Contractors using our cloud-based platform

  • 500+ design and engineering contractors using the platform

  • 175,000 project gigs fulfilled by outsourced service providers

  • Professional services offered in all 50 US states

  • Expanding inventory of BOTS for AutoCAD, Adobe

    In three years, GreenLancer delivered over 50,000 Projects with a market value of $1B  

Applying G-FORCE to your organization 


Better connect Customers with Engineering Services online by providing a project management portal to customers and give instant access to a catalog of productized Engineering services that make it easier for customers to find and buy online.


Better connect any Engineering Firm’s global workforce by standardizing workflows and automating processes. Gain efficiencies by facilitating better communication and control, and reduce waste by using Kanban, bots, API’s, and metrics.

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