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GreenLancer was founded to accelerate
the adoption of solar energy


Our mission is to make subcontracting solar design and engineering simple and fast for installers

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How It Started

In the early 2010s, the solar industry began to shine into the mainstream. With the rise in demand for solar PV and growth of solar installers came the drastic need for structure, organization, and expertise specifically around the solar design and engineering process.

Installers needed standardized deliverables, consistent price, and up front delivery timelines on their design and engineering that was scalable.

Designers and engineers needed a streamlined, repeatable process to deliver with as little friction as possible.

in 2013, the GreenLancer marketplace was founded to solve this problem. GreenLancer is the only online marketplace for solar installers to get standardized, quality permit design and engineering solutions with speed, reliability, and competitive pricing. 

How It's Going

Since 2013, GreenLancer has served more than 5,000 solar installers on over 150,000 projects, and deployed $1.8 billion (and counting) in commercial and residential solar nationwide.

With a seamless user experience, dedicated Detroit-based team, and focus on continuous improvement, GreenLancer continues to help installers streamline their design and engineering process, allowing them to focus on growing their business and installing more solar.

We will continue to be a growth accelerator in the solar industry with our disruptive technology and will never stop working to provide the best services for our customers.

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