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Our Team

Detroit Office

chris seago

Chris Seago

CEO & Chairman

"This is it. I just LOVE how technology continues to revolutionize industry as we look back at the last century. Back then, it was inventor of the assembly line, Detroit revolutionary Henry Ford who said, “My best friend is the one who brings out the best in me.” Today at GreenLancer and G-force, we’ve built a virtual assembly line of the future, a cloud platform for the Great Transition to renewable energy and highspeed communications. Our customers are the best friends on this journey we could have ever hoped for! We bring out the best in each other. We complement each other. We have the same values. We share the common belief that our best years are yet to come in solar, telecom and now, EV. We LOVE helping our customers navigate this period of unprecedented change. Our success as a rapidly-scaling tech-based, web-based business will be measured by the success of our customers in the markets where they do business. After all, what are best friends for? This is it."

Patrick McCabe

Founder & COO

"When I first got into solar, much like the city of Detroit, it was pretty much on the ropes. 15 years later, Solar is going mainstream and Detroit is rebuilding! We are at the start of a 20 year energy transformation that will be a cornerstone to GreenLancer’s growth and allow us to diversify our business model into other industries that are key to the transformation such as 5G Telecommunications and fast EV Charging. The best part of my role at GreenLancer has been to see the growth of our team and industry. It’s been a solar-coaster and very humbling at times, but very rewarding and the best is yet to come!”

pat mccabe
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Meet The Team

san diego solar permits

Kyle Savercool

Sales Manager

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chicago permit design

Adam Judge

Field Services Manager

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solar energy permitting

Josh Garland

Senior Data Analyst

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solar permit plan sets Illinois

Jay Stewart

Vice President, Sales Operations

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solar engineering stamps solar

Matthew Rea

Vice President, Revenue Operations

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arizona solar permits

Matt Howe

Chief Technology Officer

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David DiRado

Senior Account Manager

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PV permit service

Jack Costigan

Account Manager

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texas solar permits

Michael McNamara

Director of Operations

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Mitch McKolay

Sales Account Representative

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Canaan Jones

Vice President, Operations and Enablement

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solar engineering services

Elizabeth Milenkovic

Production Supervisor

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solar engineer.

Ayla Fournier

Partner Manager

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