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Solar Proposals & Feasibility Studies

Feasibility Studies and Proposals

A feasibility study is the first step in the solar installation project development lifecycle. During this study, we gather the information necessary to assess the viability of solar using findings from multiple studies that identify critical design constraints and issues.

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What is included in a Feasibility Study?

  • Location of arrays

  • Roof layout with dimensions

  • Shade report 

  • Bill of materials

  • Expected production

  • Financial indicators

    • cost, incentives, rate of return, financial payback

  • ROI payback

Turnaround time: 1-2 business days

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Why use GreenLancer

Contractors who don’t have the expertise or bandwidth to generate their own proposals or financial analysis trust GreenLancer’s network of solar specialty subcontractors to quickly and accurately deliver customer-ready proposals. Feasibility studies are a great asset to secure a project for customers who are 


How are Solar Savings Calculated? 

An in-depth analysis looks at the previous year's utility consumption to understand how much energy is required to be offset by solar, and then we estimate the performance of the solar system. This is shown visually using colorful graphs and informative tables that quickly illustrate the potential savings for the owner.

This metric differs from the payback period which usually ranges from 7-12 years. More in-depth proposals include a 25 year cash flow broken down annually. 

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Supercharge Your Solar Design & Engineering

Shop GreenLancer’s network of solar firms to find the perfect engineering fulfillment partner for all of your commercial solar, EVC, and storage project needs.

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