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Charging an Electric Car
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 Underground Utility Mapping

Land Surveys for EV Charging Stations

Underground utility surveys help identify and map the location of utilities to prevent damage during

construction and excavation. The GreenLancer network has fulfillment partners that specialize in

Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) services for land surveys. Use the GreenLancer platform to find expert engineering design survey services available nationwide

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What's included in our underground survey for EV charging stations?

  • Diagram of the project site

  • Topographic map

  • Trenching sites

  • Electrical lines

EV charging station

Accurate Land Surveys for Successful EV Charging Projects

Reliable information on the project site is helpful in understanding the location of electrical lines,

easements, and boundaries before trenching or boring work begins. This enables EV charging

station contractors to prepare accordingly for construction. 

Engineering Design Surveys

An underground survey is an accurate plan of the subsurface environment of the project site. It can be in different formats, including 3D. Various technologies can be used to create underground utility surveys, such as GPR.


Underground utility surveys are an invaluable tool that can help minimize project risk, reduce planning time, and increase confidence before excavation work begins.

Quality Underground Utility Mapping for EV Charging Stations

Shop GreenLancer’s network of EV charger engineering design surveys from leaders in the industry. Then, have access to the internal GreenLancer team by phone, email, or chat for support during the engineering design process.

electric car Charging Stations

Permit-ready plan sets with electrical and structural engineering stamps

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Electrical line diagrams and site layout for fast interconnection approvals

solar permit design

Engineering reviews and PE stamps for EV charging stations nationwide

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