Solar Permit-Ready Drawings & Plan Sets

Permit-Ready Drawings & Plan Sets

Contractors installing solar can trust GreenLancer’s network of solar design and engineering firms to deliver permit-ready drawings, professional engineering reviews, and permit expediting services for all types of solar and storage projects.


What is a Permit Drawing?

Often the rules that govern the Permit and application process can be very complicated, especially for larger systems. Beyond the permit application process itself, there may be inspections, revised design work, or other requirements that also need to be satisfied before permission is given.

Why use GreenLancer?

There are over 18,000 jurisdictions in the US, many with their own specific rules and processes to install solar. With affordable flat fees and no hourly charges, solar contractors have benefited by outsourcing all their permit drawings through GreenLancer. Have confidence knowing GreenLancer’s partners know the rules and processes of every building department in the US, and can respond to any special requirements or redlines quickly.

Permit Drawings FAQ

  • Cover Sheet & Project Description

  • Notes & Governing Codes

  • Site Plan

  • Project Plan

  • PV Array Layout(s)

  • Mounting & Racking Plan

  • Mount & Racking Details

  • Structural Calculations

  • Electrical Details

  • Single or Three-Line Electrical Diagram

  • Electrical Bill of Materials

  • NEC Calculations

  • Safety Placards & Templates

  • Data Sheets

  • Elevation views (as required)

Q: What’s included in the Permit Drawing?

Q: Who uses the permit drawings?

A: Residential Contractors and Commercial EPCs and developers trust GreenLancer to deliver complete permit-ready plan sets that ensure local code compliance, decreased labor and material costs, and expedience.

Q: What is the Delivery time?

A: Most residential permits are completed in 1-2 business days, with the option of same-day delivery for an additional fee. Commercial and utility-scale projects take longer, but include pre-scheduled progress meetings at the 30%, 60% and 90% completion milestones.

Q: Are revisions included?

A: Corrections to revisions from the building department are included in every service at no additional charge. Outside of the building department corrections, revision requests are defined by the fulfillment partner, with some including revisions and change orders within 6 months of your order, and others charging for each additional revision.

Q: Are change orders included?

A: Change order policy varies with each Fulfillment Partner, but usually are not included in the base purchase.

Q: Are Professional Engineering reviews and wet-stamps included?

A: Structural and Electrical Professional Engineering reviews are not included unless purchased as part of a combination service with the Permit. These PE reviews are available as an additional service for additional fees.

Q: How are the systems designed?

A: GreenLancer’s NABCEP-certified engineers consider the local utility and permitting requirements and project location and constraints. Periodic calls with a Professional Electrical Engineer allows the designer to discuss further details to meet the customer’s objectives.

Q: How do you handle different jurisdiction?

A: Our permit-ready solar and energy storage design packages are customized to the requirements of your local authority having jurisdiction (AHJ) and utility.

Find the Perfect Sub

Shop GreenLancer’s network of solar firms to find the perfect fulfillment partner for all of your commercial solar, EVC, and storage project needs.

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Solution Table

Standard Project Types

  • Commercial Properties

  • Multifamily Housing

  • Retail

  • Portfolios

  • Municipal

  • Cannabis

  • Agricultural

  • Education

  • Government

  • Corporate

  • Utility

  • Industrial

Standard Applications

  • Rooftop Flat

  • Rooftop Flush

  • Rooftop Tilt-up

  • Rooftop Ballasted

  • Solar + UPS

  • Solar + Storage

  • Ground Mount Fixed

  • Ground Mount Ballasted

  • Trackers

  • Carports

  • Floating Solar

  • Vertical Wall


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