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IronRidge Inc. Partners with GreenLancer to Streamline Cost-Effective, Premium Solar Installation

GreenLancer and IronRidge Solar Energy Partnership

IronRidge, the industry leader in solar panel mounting and racking systems for PV arrays has tapped into GreenLancer's solar permitting, design, and engineering fulfillment services, integrating the GreenLancer app into their widely-used Design Assistant Tool.

Now, solar installers can purchase solar permit plans, structural and electrical plans right from Design Assistant with the click of a button.

As a Solar Installer, here's what the partnership means for you

  • Submit Pitched Roof Design Assistant projects directly to GreenLancer within the IronRidge Design Assistant

  • Obtain permit packages, engineering documentation, and design services

  • Offload tedious permitting and design work management  

  • Reduce bottlenecks thanks to GreenLancer’s quick turnaround time 

  • Receive exclusive pricing offered only through Design Assistant 

  • Get going on your next project faster than ever

Check out more about the partnership and get started on your next project here.

Sign up for a GreenLancer account here.

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