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Growing Solar Podcast | Ep 2: Solar Marketing 101 (Referrals) with David Murphy

Updated: Dec 18, 2023

On Episode 2 of the Growing Solar Podcast, GreenLancer's Director of Marketing Matt Rea speaks with David Murphy, a long time marketing professional with extensive solar experience. They cover the basics of solar marketing and dive deep on how to capitalize on the most effective marketing channel out there: Referrals.

05:30​ What is a referral / psychology of referrals

08:40​ 5 Steps to an effective referral marketing program

08:47​ Communicate value proposition of your solar company

12:19​ Importance of simple, straightforward messaging

13:48​ Being specific in your referral ask

15:31​ Creating an effective referral offer

19:01​ How to properly incentivize referrals

20:35​ Increasing marketing touch points and staying in front of referrals

21:41​ The marketing funnel and nurturing prospects

23:28​ Keeping the 'refer-er' informed

25:47​ Using adjacent businesses to drive referrals

Looking for more solar content? check out Episode 1 of the Growing Solar Podcast, where GreenLancer Co-Founder and President Patrick McCabe speaks on the founding of GreenLancer, industry trends, and what it will take for massive solar growth in the next few years.

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