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Growing Solar Podcast | Ep 1: Solar Industry Trends with Patrick McCabe

Updated: Mar 12, 2021

On the very first episode of the Growing Solar Podcast, Matt Rea talks to Patrick McCabe, President and Co-Founder of GreenLancer. The episode covers the founding of GreenLancer, how solar has evolved over the years, and what's next in a rapidly changing industry.


- 05:36​ The inception of GreenLancer

- 07:45​ GreenLancer services

- 08:42​ GreenLancer alternatives

- 11:45​ How the solar industry has changed over the years

- 13:16​ Biggest obstacles to solar industry success

- 15:48​ How companies can excel in the industry

- 16:50​ EV adoption as a disruptor

To talk to a GreenLancer rep about streamlining your solar design and engineering with our on demand network of fulfillment partners, fill out the form below:

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