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GreenLancer Energy & Fortress Power Partnership to Provide Solar Energy Solutions

Updated: May 2

fortress power

Detroit, MI, (April 29, 2024)—GreenLancer Energy, a nationwide leader in solar design and engineering services, and Fortress Power, a solar battery and inverter manufacturer, are thrilled to announce a collaboration to deliver comprehensive services to solar installers. The partnership aims to make it easier and more cost-effective for solar energy providers to scale up their operations. 

GreenLancer Energy provides quality solar design, interconnection, and engineering services for solar power and EV charging projects. Their comprehensive solutions include permit-ready solar plan sets, interconnection applications, engineering reviews, and PE stamps. 

Fortress Power offers turnkey energy storage systems with Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries for residential, commercial, and industrial applications. It offers state-of-the-art battery backup and off-grid energy storage solutions, a certified installer training program, and exceptional product warranties.

GreenLancer and Fortress Power are uniting to create a program exclusively for Fortress Power customers. Through this program, Fortress Power customers can purchase design and engineering services from GreenLancer at a discounted rate, enabling them to streamline their clean energy projects while reducing costs. On the GreenLancer platform, installers can design systems with their favorite Fortress Power energy storage solutions, including the eFlex, Avalon, and eVault Max. 

By combining their strengths and expertise, GreenLancer and Fortress Power aim to provide installer customers with unmatched support and access to comprehensive clean energy solutions. This partnership solidifies both organizations' commitment to promoting the widespread adoption of renewable energy and accelerating sustainable power development across the United States.

“With this partnership, we are excited to expand the ways that solar energy installers can engineer great systems and build their business with Fortress Power products,” says Gary Van Oosbree, Applications Engineer at Fortress Power. 

“Both GreenLancer and Fortress Power are dedicated to helping promote solar installer success by removing solar permitting and engineering bottlenecks,” says Patrick McCabe, founder & COO of GreenLancer. “This partnership reflects this.” 

Solar installers, project developers, and businesses seeking clean energy solutions can now leverage the combined strengths of GreenLancer Energy and Fortress Power. To join this program, sign up here

About GreenLancer

GreenLancer is a leading clean energy solutions provider specializing in solar and EV charging station design, engineering, and photovoltaic field services. GreenLancer is the only online marketplace for solar energy and electric vehicle charging station contractors to select service partners to fill gaps within their engineering, procurement, construction, and maintenance processes. The Detroit-based team has delivered innovative solar energy solutions since 2013 to help contractors scale up their businesses. 

About Fortress Power

Fortress Power was founded in 2016 with a mission to deliver high-quality and affordable energy storage solutions. With over 35,000 installations worldwide, the company manufactures safe and long-lasting battery packs, inverters, and accessories for grid-tied and off-grid projects. With a strong focus on supporting U.S. and Latin American solar installers, Fortress Power offers a certified installer program with discounted pricing and product training. The Pennslyvania-based company offers a full range of turnkey energy storage solutions with advanced technology and exceptional performance.


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