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Choosing the Best Solar Energy Racking Solution

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

Solar PV Racking

GreenLancer connects those who want to switch to solar power to those who can get it done for them! Our easy to use web platform helps installers of all kind receive the resource they need to safely and effectively install solar panels on their job sites. 

Racking for a New Solar Installer

If you're a new installer, what you'll learn is that about 80% of your time on a job site comes from aligning and assembling the racking. Now, with over 70,000 projects completed to date on the GreenLancer platform, we are actually able to go in and see that the most commonly installed racking in the United States. What we found was that the IronRidge XR100 rail is the most popular racking system to date.

Why Use the Iron Ridge XR100?

The IronRidge XR100 rail system is the easiest system to install, especially for new installers because this system requires minimal tools and parts necessary to complete the installation. There are only three socket sizes needed to assemble the rack and it is fast, safe, and easy.

In addition, the IronRidge XR100 has:

Flashing attachments for nearly every roof type for easy installation and high durability.

Made out of aluminum alloy, which is great for the installer because it is light and robust.

A 25-year warranty.

Two Goals for Solar Installers: Safety and Costs

Every solar installer has two main goals when they go out to a job site. The first and most important goal is important is safety. We want to make sure that we get our crews up and down off that roof safely 100% of the time. So, to have fewer parts that you're fumbling with and to have something that's consistent is incredibly important. 

Secondly, time is money. The more time that you spend on a job means you're going to be paying out more in employee costs and expenses. So, the less time you're on the roof for safety and for cost, the better. And that's why Iron Ridge is so popular in 2020.

Where Can I Get IronRidge Racking?

If you are interested in using the most popular and easy to install solar racking for your next installation project, you can go to IronRidge's website, where they list out all of their distributors in each state. 

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