Interconnection Applications

Before you install solar, you must get permission to operate and connect to your utility’s grid. This is true for all project types in all areas, including Residential, Commercial, and Utility scale projects. The application itself includes rebate processing, design work, and other requirements before permission is granted. 


What is included in an Interconnection Application?

  • The interconnection drawings for application

  • Application manager to steer project approval

If interconnection drawings are already completed, applications can be submitted the same day as they are ordered, giving you the quickest turnaround for permission to operate.

Although the application is submitted, the approval time is dependent on the utility and project size. This time ranges from a few days to a couple months to gain approval. 

interconnection app ex. .jpg

Getting Started with

your Solar Project


Why use GreenLancer?

There are over 3,300 utilities in the US, many with their own specific rules and processes that need to be navigated in order to get permission to push solar electrons back through the meter and into the grid. With affordable flat fees and no hourly charges, solar contractors have benefited by outsourcing all their utility interconnections through GreenLancer. Have confidence knowing GreenLancer’s partners know the rules and processes of every utility in the US and can manage the application process throughout.

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