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Solar Spotlight with Aden Wexberg of BayWa R.E. Solar

Updated: Dec 18, 2023

GreenLancer Solar Spotlight Podcast

In this episode of GreenLancer's Solar Spotlight, Nick Schlueter speaks with Aden Wexberg who is currently an Account Manager with BayWa R.E. Solar.

Aden and I dive into a supplier's perspective in the solar industry and discuss the advancements they have seen in solar technology over a short period of time, and where they see the industry trending.

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Nick: joining me today on the solar spotlight podcast is Aden Wexberg who's the inside Account Manager at Baywa R.E. Solar. Aden thanks for being on today

Aden: Hey thanks for having me

Nick: so Aden you and I just crossed paths recently within the last week, tell me a little bit about how you got started in solar. I see that you're a Texas guy through and through; had some time at Civic Solar, but what made you decide to get into this industry?

Aden: Great question -- short answer is my conscience. So I am from Ohio, i came down to Austin, Texas for film school and I went through the media production program, ended up working in post-production in Los Angeles for a couple years and basically felt a strong need to reorient towards what I felt like was a more productive use of my work hours and my attention. When I ended up back in Austin I looked for any sort of renewable or green jobs i could find and I actually ended up being hired by Civic Solar which was another solar distributor at the time and distribution is just a really fascinating link in the supply chain for someone who had never been exposed to to the actual nitty gritty details of solar. Prior to joining that distribution company I was able to get a lot of learning done really quick across the the product side. Different financing aspects, anything that impacts distribution tends to run the gamut of stuff in solar and so I now work with Baywa R.E. solar systems, another distributor and continue to find that that the distribution supply chain link is actually a really great place to learn more and more about the industry.

Nick: That's awesome man so how did you get that first foot in the door at civic like what what made them decide to take that risk...

Listen to the full interview above!

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