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Growing Solar Podcast | Ep 3: Navigating Solar Permits with Jeremy Duston

Updated: Dec 18, 2023

Growing Solar Podcast Graphic

On this episode of the Growing Solar Podcast, GreenLancer VP Jeremy Duston joins me to talk about navigating the more tedious parts of solar installation; permits, design, & engineering.

Jeremy is a veteran GreenLancer team member with experience in engineering, sales, and production over his 8 years stint at the company.

Jeremy now heads up the Customer Success efforts at GreenLancer, Where he ensures installers have a seamless experience when applying for permits, engineering or any other services offered through the GreenLancer platform.


03:40​ - Solving the issues of soft costs in permit design

04:54​ - Pain points of permits

07:25​ - Expanding your solar business into commercial projects

08:55​ - How to navigate your first time getting solar permits

11:45​ - Making the permit process easier

13:03​ - The future of permitting: Automated permits

15:40​ - Energy sector trends, and the renewables solution


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