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GreenLancer's Solar Spotlight with Dave Leahy of McNaughton-McKay Electric Company

Updated: Dec 18, 2023

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In this episode of GreenLancer's Solar Spotlight, Nick Schlueter speaks with an old friend of his named Dave Leahy, who is an Account Manager at McNaughton-McKay Electric Company. Dave is a long-time advocate for renewable energy who Nick considers a solar energy expert as he was his first real source of guidance in the industry. In this episode, Dave drops knowledge on the industry's top product manufacturers and how he has seen the industry grow in the midwest.


Nick: I’m incredibly excited about this podcast as today’s guest was my first real mentor in Solar, Dave Leahy. 

I consider Dave to be a true pioneer in the industry as his time dates all the way back to 2009 where he served as the Director of Sales at Dovetail Wind and Solar. Fast forward to today, Dave now oversees a variety of solar projects as an account manager at McNaughton McKay. 

Dave, thanks for joining me today!

Dave: Thanks Nick, it’s great to be here!

Nick: So 2009, in the Midwest, how do you get in the solar? To me, that’s just crazy.

Dave: It’s kind of interesting. Most of my career has been in information technology. But in the mid 2000's, I started dabbling in construction and actually started a little homebuilding business. So I was working on that for a while, and then the crash came down. At the time, one of my friends from the IT business bought into a solar company in Ohio. That tied construction and technology together. What a perfect marriage in a growing industry. 

And I’ve always been somewhat ecologically focused. Back in high school, we started the Canton Ohio ecology Center. We had a massive recycling business in Canton Ohio, before recycling was even a commob thing.

Nick: So, you’ve been a lifetime advocate but in 2009 is when you officially made the jump to make it a full-time thing?

Listen to the rest of the podcast here.


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