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GreenLancer Field Services: A Guide To Our Services Network

Updated: Aug 6, 2023

Many solar installers encounter hurdles in providing field services for their clean energy clients. In addition to design and engineering work, the GreenLancer marketplace has partners that can complete site surveys, install solar batteries, obtain permits for solar photovoltaic systems and deliver a variety of other renewable energy solutions for the solar industry.

Residential Solar Field Services

GreenLancer has numerous on-site services to help accelerate the adoption of solar energy.

Site Surveys

During a solar survey, our partner inspects the customer’s property and gather all the necessary information for the permitting and interconnection process. Solar site surveys involve inspecting the roof and electrical panel, reviewing historical energy use, plus looking for trees, buildings and other obstacles that could shade a PV system. When using solar system design software, it’s helpful to confirm that the information supplied by the software matches the property.

In some cases, surveyors identify issues that must be addressed, such as the home needing an electrical panel upgrade, a new roof or permission from a homeowners association. In other cases, custom solutions are needed to overcome a design challenge. If so, it is critical to identify if the solar installation crew will need special materials or tools for the job, so they can arrive at the solar project site prepared. For example, the roof type may require a specific solar panel racking system.

Permission-To-Operate Remediation

To receive permission to operate (PTO), the photovoltaic system must pass local inspection, which often requires showing the electrical panel and inverter to the inspector. Also, the home must have a power meter that can measure the solar electricity the home feeds to the grid to take advantage of net metering programs (when available).

However, some residential solar energy projects encounter issues and do not pass inspection. The GreenLancer network has extensive experience working with Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) across the country and can help rectify issues with obtaining permission to operate and gaining approval with the local AHJ.


Receiving a residential solar permit from the local AHJ is essential before installing a PV system, but this process can be time-consuming in some areas and can vary by town or state. Some AHJs require electrical permits, while others require a building permit, and some have a dedicated solar PV permit. Regardless, the solar system must comply with the National Electrical Codes (NEC) plus potentially local codes.

Solar Battery Storage Installation And Retrofitting

Demand for PV batteries has skyrocketed in recent years, and many solar power customers want energy storage systems. This may entail adding solar batteries to an existing system, replacing or upgrading existing energy storage capacities or installing energy storage on a new PV system.

Our network can install a variety of energy storage systems, including Tesla and Enphase batteries, for new and existing projects alike. Our partner network of field service technicians has Tesla Powerwall-certified technicians, Enphase-certified installers and licensed master electricians.

System Activation, Troubleshooting And Deactivation

After receiving permission to operate, it is time to commission the solar system and begin feeding energy to the electric grid. One critical step in the activation and commissioning process is checking the DC voltage and AC voltage at the solar inverter output and ensuring the system meets the manufacturers’ specifications. Project safety is always a top concern.

If an issue arises, troubleshooting and pinpointing it and addressing problems with maintenance services can resolve many issues. If not, deactivating the PV array if necessary is critical.

Solar Engineering, Procurement And Construction (EPC)

The GreenLancer network provides end-to-end services for residential solar power systems, including designing the array, sourcing the solar panels and equipment, permitting, obtaining and engineering wet stamps and installing the system. Our solar EPC services handle everything from start to finish for a variety of residential solar energy projects with or without energy storage.

Get The Job Done With GreenLancer

Many solar installers have more work than they can complete, or they want to focus on certain aspects or phases of a solar project without getting bogged down by others. The GreenLancer team and our partner network can tackle any part of solar projects, including on-site work. We provide a variety of solar field services to help accelerate the adoption of solar energy.

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