• Nick Schlueter

6 Steps to Perform a Solar Site Assessment

Updated: Feb 26, 2021

Solar Permitting and Plans

The solar site assessment is one of the most important steps in proper solar site installation, especially when it comes to the solar engineer and designer of record on your project. GreenLancer makes it easy for you to make sure you get all of the steps done right!

Efficiency and Accuracy Our first tip to solar installers, especially newer installers, is to make sure you have everything you need to visit the site, the first time you go. Sometimes your client can be over an hour away, and it becomes very time consuming to visit that site more often than you absolutely need to. How to Perform a Thorough Site Assessment 1) Identify Shaded Areas Make sure to double-check to ensure there are no shaded areas on your site that Near Maps or Google might have missed. 2) Examine for Roof Obstructions Perhaps there is a vent that was overlooked and will obstruct the solar panel installation. 3) Identify Roof Pitch This is something that you might not always see from an aerial image on the Internet. And when you go out to install, the steeper that roof pitches, the more dangerous technically it is for your crew, which means they're going to be working slower for safety reasons. So, when you're bidding your job from the installer's perspective, it's good to know what the pitch of the roof is that you're working on.

4) Check the Roof Condition You want to check the condition of the roof. If the roof looks like it needs to be repaired or there might be some damages or some leaks. We would always advise you to have the client look into having the roof repaired prior to going solar. 5) Inspect Main Service Panel You want to take a look at the condition of the main electrical service panel in the building. We recommend, if possible, having a licensed professional with you that can remove the outside cover from the service panel and expect its condition. Then you will know if you need to make any sort of an upgrade. For steps 1-6, the most important thing you can do is TAKE PICTURES or videos! Documenting each of these steps with visual references is essential so that you're not going back to the site or asking the client to take pictures of certain things. That's our job as the installer. 6) Fill out the Site Assessment Form The last step of the site assessment is to fill out the site survey form. This is provided to you by GreenLancer and can be accessed in your GreenLancer account. Questions? If you have any questions about how to perform a thorough site assessment, contact us at GreenLancer today by filling out the form below