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Professional Engineering Reviews

Ensure the Safety of your Solar Project

GreenLancer’s network of Professional Engineering firms are specialized in solar and licensed and insured in the state(s) they operate. Oftentimes, a jurisdiction will require a Professional Engineer to review and apply their P.E. Stamp to the drawings, or require a letter stating the safety of the system that’s being proposed. An engineers structural and electrical seal is a safety precaution that demonstrates that a licensed professional reviewed the designs, meeting all codes, requirements, and safety standards. 

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What does a P.E. Review include?

  • A thorough review of your permit plan sets

  • A Professional Engineer’s structural and electrical seal for the AHJ

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GreenLancer’s P.E. Network Services

  • Structural Review

  • Structural Analysis

  • Structural Letters

  • Structural Wet-Stamp

  • Structural Digital Stamp

  • Electrical Review

  • Electrical Analysis

  • Electrical Letters

  • Electrical Wet-stamp

  • Electrical Digital Stamp

  • Civil Reviews

  • Environmental Studies

  • Geotechnical Studies

  • Civil Wet-stamp

  • Civil Digital Stamp

Why use GreenLancer?

GreenLancer’s network of Professional Engineering firms can be used on projects of all types, sizes, and in all markets, including applications like Storage, backup generators, and EV Charging. Shop from a variety of firms listing their specialized services with standard scopes, prices, delivery times based on the project size, application, and type.

Supercharge Your Solar Design & Engineering

Shop GreenLancer’s network of solar firms to find the perfect engineering fulfillment partner for all of your solar, EVC, and storage project needs.

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