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Commercial Solar Land Acquisition

Turnkey Site Development

Do you need ‘boots-on-the-ground’ to develop a large solar project? Commercial Solar Project Developers and EPC’s constructing agricultural, industrial, or utility type solar projects can trust GreenLancer’s network of Fulfillment Partners to provide Turnkey Site Acquisition services nationwide.


Site Acquisition Services

GreenLancer can help your team select potential site candidates based on your project requirements and create Site Candidate Maps & Information Packets (SCIP), negotiate terms with the landowner, gain administrative approval for Zoning Submittals & Variance requests, and even perform Environmental & Topographic Studies, including ALTA & Boundary Surveys.

Why Choose GreenLancer?

Leverage small teams of highly trained professionals distributed nationwide to accomplish big things. Be successful by using GreenLancer’s network of site acquisition firms to give your organization the agility to develop hundreds of commercial solar projects in multiple markets at once.

Relevant Services

Solar Proposals
Solar Interconnection Apps
Solar Permits
Certified Solar Engineering

Solution Table

Standard Project Types

  • Commercial Properties

  • Multifamily Housing

  • Retail

  • Portfolios

  • Municipal

  • Cannabis

  • Agricultural

  • Education

  • Government

  • Corporate

  • Utility

  • Industrial

Standard Applications

  • Rooftop Flat

  • Rooftop Flush

  • Rooftop Tilt-up

  • Rooftop Ballasted

  • Solar + UPS

  • Solar + Storage

  • Ground Mount Fixed

  • Ground Mount Ballasted

  • Trackers

  • Carports

  • Floating Solar

  • Vertical Wall


Available Nationwide

Choose from a variety of deeply-vetted Site Acquisition Partners and shop a catalog of Commercial Site Acquisition services based on your project’s size, type, and application.

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