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PTO Remediation
For Solar Financiers

Turn Orphaned Solar Projects into Opportunity

When installers go insolvent, financiers like you are left bearing the weight. We have a proven process to remediate orphaned projects and get them to PTO with speed and cost-effectiveness. Our team will manage the entire process on your behalf and work until the project is done and the homeowner is satisfied.

A team and platform built to execute PTO remediations

Since 2021, GreenLancer has completed thousands of PTO Remediations.

Through our platform, we deploy a proven workflow to apply speed and cost-effectiveness in managing homeowner communications, coordinating with installers, and ensuring solutions are implemented.

We have a dedicated team that will seamlessly integrate with yours and offer bilingual support for your diverse customers.


Over a Decade of Solar Experience

Over the last 10 years, we've developed a network of 'boots on the roof' who can be inserted with precision to complete projects across the US. Combined with our world-class service team, we have the experience and industry knowledge to help the homeowners who need it and ensure a profit for your company.

Contact us to complete your orphaned projects now.

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Expanding coverage across the US

We're always expanding our PTO Remediation and field services coverage map. Check back to see updates as we grow.

As of July 13, 2023

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