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Solar Spotlight with Chuck Gonzales Jr. of Solar Electric Texas

Updated: Dec 18, 2023

GreenLancer's Solar Spotlight Podcast

In this episode of GreenLancer's Solar Spotlight, Nick Schlueter speaks with Chuck Gonzales Jr., who is an Energy Consultant with Solar Electric Texas. This San Antonio based company has become a leading solar installer throughout the state of Texas and is showing no signs of slowing down.

Chuck and Nick discuss how Solar Electric Texas has overcome several obstacles in the fight for transitioning home and business owners to renewable energy as well as their overall love for the solar industry.

Nick: Joining me today is Chuck Gonzalez Jr. of Solar Electric Texas. For those of you who are looking at going solar in San Antonio and the surrounding areas, I highly encourage you to give this family-owned business a call. Chuck, can you tell everyone the story of solar electric Texas and how the business came into existence?

Chuck: Hey Nick, thanks thanks for having us again! We're a family owned company here based in San Antonio Texas and like you said my father used to be an electrical contractor for 20 years. In November of 2014 we decided to go into solar, it's been it's been great from that point moving forward. We love it!

Nick: Awesome! So you've got six years under your belt now, can you tell everyone what was the biggest challenge and getting started and transitioning into a new industry back in 2014?

Chuck: Of course. I'm still learning the industry's ins-and-outs being a electrical contractor who was focusing on residential and commercial electrical systems. It's hard to transition your mindset because you are now dealing with both DC and AC voltage and it's a whole different animal. I've heard a lot of electricians thinking it's easy to transition into solar without putting in the time to learn and do your research. It's pretty challenging without that so just keep on learning. That's how we've really gotten past that at this point.

Nick: Awesome man, what was it that that gave you guys that nudge to diversify the business and get into solar in the first place was it your idea was it your dad's idea how did how did all of it come about?

Chuck: My father has that electrical background and my grandfather was also an electrician. Three generations of being electricians and my dad was always interested in solar but another gentleman from Tucson, Arizona actually contacted my dad and we ended up going into business with him. He really taught us a lot and we've just gone from there and really exploded here in Texas...

Click here to listen to the full episode.

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