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GreenLancer & Colite Technologies Collaborate On Revolutionary Solar and Renewable Lighting Project for Football Hall of Fame

Updated: May 22

Hall of Fame Village, Canton, Ohio - GreenLancer, a renowned provider of innovative clean energy solutions, partnered with Colite Technologies to successfully implement a groundbreaking project in the Football Hall of Fame Village. The new Constellation Energy Center features a 10.2 kW rooftop solar system plus two Full Hybrid Renewable Light Systems.

GreenLancer's expertise extends beyond PV design to ensure the seamless integration of these sustainable features. The GreenLancer network also provided the structural engineering review and analysis for the Hybrid Renewable Light Systems to ensure project compliance with permitting standards.

The solar energy system will generate clean energy, significantly reducing reliance on grid power, minimizing the building's carbon footprint, and contributing to long-term energy savings. The solar panels feature a ballasted racking system, avoiding roof penetrations. The Full Hybrid Renewable Light Poles serve as a groundbreaking solution for outdoor lighting needs. 

These advanced light poles encompass a range of cutting-edge technologies, including a 300-watt vertical axis wind turbine, a 425-watt monocrystalline solar PV panel, and 100-watt 15,000-lumen LED lights. The integrated 205-amp-hour battery ensures efficient energy storage and utilization, enhancing the lighting system's reliability and longevity. In addition, customized banners help seamlessly integrate the lighting systems into the building’s design.

This project is a testament to how partnerships can help revolutionize the clean energy landscape by seamlessly integrating renewable energy technologies. GreenLancer provided design and engineering expertise, ensuring safety and compliance. Colite Technologies designed and assembled the self-contained autonomous lighting systems in-house in their South Carolina facility and installed the rooftop solar system. 

About GreenLancer

GreenLancer is a leading clean energy solutions provider specializing in solar design, engineering, and photovoltaic field services. GreenLancer is the only online marketplace for solar energy and electric vehicle charging station contractors to select service partners to fill gaps within their engineering, procurement, construction, and maintenance processes.  The team delivers innovative and customized solar solutions that maximize energy generation and long-term cost savings. 



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Image Credit: Colite Technologies


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