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How to Overcome the Building Inspector and Plan Reviewer

Any solar installer or contractor knows that the buck stops at the inspector, so we at GreenLancer have put together a list of helpful tips that we recommend to make your job easier!

The cost of not getting approval can be severe, especially if project financing is being utilized and milestone payments get delayed. GreenLancer gives several tips to get approved on the first inspection and how to overcome any inspector's objections or concerns.

In the solar industry, Building Departments and Inspectors are notorious for being difficult, especially if solar is relatively new to the jurisdiction.


Take the opportunity to educate the inspector is they are unfamiliar with solar. Solar is a fairly new industry, especially here in the Midwest. So, if your inspector and plan reviewer has never worked with a solar project before, take the time to explain the process to them and answer any questions they might have.

Kill Them with Kindness

The next tip is to kill them with kindness. Creating a good relationship with anyone you work with is essential, especially if you want to make the process smoother for future projects!

Label Everything

GreenLancer provides you with high-quality plans, which include labels for each individual solar project. The more your label, the safer and easier your job will be.

Submit High-Quality, Easy to Understand Plans

This makes everyone's job easier, including your own! The more thorough you are in the beginning, the better.

Learn More About How to Deal with the Inspector

If you are interested in learning more about how to properly deal with an inspector or plan reviewer, contact us today at GreenLancer for more helpful tips!