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GreenLancer & K2 Systems Partner to Provide Cohesive Solar PV Design & Engineering

K2 Systems has a free online design tool, Base, where customers can design their K2 racking system projects. Base users are easily able to manage multiple PV projects with its updated dashboard and user interface. Once the design stage is complete, users are able to click the K2+ feature to connect with GreenLancer for permitting and engineering services. By using this integration, GreenLancer will automatically be given your project design from Base so their team can provide accurate services for your specific design plans.

The API bridge between K2 Base and GreenLancer is seamless and easy to use.

  • On the Summary tab of K2 Base, you will be able to see all of your project design details. From here there is a button that says K2+ GreenLancer. When you click that a prompt will come up for you to select your permit or engineering services.

  • Select your desired permitting or engineering services package and then you will be transferred to the GreenLancer website.

  • Once on their website, you’ll see that your project data from Base was seamlessly transferred over so that the GreenLancer team is easily able to review it. Your Base .k2o file and PDF report will be accessible through GreenLancer.

  • From here you can pay for your permitting services and let the GreenLancer team work on the rest of it for you.

  • The engineering review or permitting pack will be complete within 48 hours of submittal. you will receive it by email, and you can begin installing your project.

Webinar Demonstration on March 23rd

K2 Systems and GreenLancer are joining forces to create a seamless user experience when designing PV systems. You can now transfer your PV design with just a click of a button from K2 Base to GreenLancer to purchase your permit drawings and engineering services. Join K2 Systems' Nich Pak and GreenLancer's David DiRado for an in-depth webinar on the K2 Base and GreenLancer platforms. Click here to register.

K2 Systems’ Vision

K2 Systems stands for worldwide power generation from solar energy.

The heart of the company is the development of installation-friendly mounting systems that are tailored to the needs of our customers, though the soul is the common spirit of all employees.

Together we define technical innovation and set new service standards for a sustainable future.

GreenLancer’s Solutions

GreenLancer is the only online marketplace for solar installers to get standardized, quality permit design and engineering solutions with speed, scale and reliability. The platform allows for batch project management, in-app communication, and a team of support specialists to help solar businesses save time and money. Since 2013, GreenLancer has served more than 5,000 solar installers on over 150,000 projects, and deployed $1.8 billion (and counting) in commercial and residential solar nationwide.


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