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GreenLancer's Solar experts will walk you through all the steps to get your project approved


Coverage in all 50 states - over 18,000 permitting authorities


Get instant fixed-price quotes on design and engineering services​


24-Hour turnaround on most projects (excluding PE stamps)


Track and manage the progress of all your projects on the G-Force platform's customer dashboards

Discover more about the G-FORCE cloud-based workflow management software here


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Solar Marketplace Services


Faster turn-around, fewer hassles - Let GreenLancer manage your design, engineering and interconnection process

Design Proposals

  • Solar panel layouts and shading studies from satellite imagery​ show where panels can be placed

  • Proposal to share with your customer that include federal and local incentives, energy savings and payback


Permit Plansets & 

Engineering Stamps

  • All the necessary documents and structural / electrical engineering stamps you need to submit your project for approval

  • Our engineering partners work directly with the permitting office to resolve any issues


  • There are over 18,000 jurisdictions in the US, each with its own requirements

  • We complete, submit and manage all utility paperwork until permission to operate is granted

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Let me introduce you to GreenLancer.  Our unique business model leverages a network of qualified designers and engineers experienced in the solar permitting process.  We know this process well, and we work it effectively - in hundreds of jurisdictions all over the country!


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