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GreenLancer's Services for Homeowners

Find out if Solar makes sense for YOU

and get professional design and installation

Get access to the tools and resources used by professional Solar installers 

Why use GreenLancer 

for your home Solar project?

GreenLancer's catalog of Solar services, which are used by thousands of professional Solar installers nationwide, is now available to homeowners.  You can save money on your Solar Home system by purchasing equipment and engineering at contractor's prices and by not paying for the overhead carried by solar sales companies.


With GreenLancer you get a Solar Home system that's tailored to your home, your energy needs, and your budget.  We'll explain the pros and cons of paying cash vs financing, and put you together with lenders that specialize in Solar Home financing.  We will walk you through the permitting process and arrange to have your system installed by a qualified and licensed solar professional.


GreenLancer's Solar experts will walk you through all the steps to get your project designed, installed and approved


Understand the price, payback, financing options and incentives available for your home before making a decision


Our designers work with you to develop a Solar system that fits your roof and energy consumption


Benefit from GreenLancer's 50-state network of high-quality licensed installers 


Let GreenLancer handle the permitting and interconnection process and you will start seeing lower energy bills

Services are managed and delivered on the platform used by 3,500 licensed solar contractors for over 50,000 projects nationwide

What You Get from GreenLancer


Faster turn-around, fewer hassles - Let GreenLancer manage your design, engineering and interconnection process



  • A detailed design proposal that includes your panel layout, price, savings with Solar, payback and cash flow for the life of your system

  • Includes all the federal, state and local incentives you may qualify for

  • Qualify for Solar Home financing through our network of lenders


Engineering and Equipment

  • All the necessary documents and structural / electrical engineering stamps needed to get your project approved for construction

  • Special contractor's pricing for equipment from one of our nationwide distribution partners



  • We manage the installation process through our nationwide network of over 3,500 state-licensed solar installers

  • We complete, submit and manage all utility paperwork until you get approved to connect to your utility

What you won't get from GreenLancer


NO HIGH PRESSURE SALES - We'll let you know the pros and cons of installing Solar on your home, and whether it makes practical and financial sense for YOU

NO COOKIE-CUTTER APPROACH - Instead of selling you on one model or brand of system, your Solar design will be tailored for your home's roof and your energy bills

NO SHODDY WORK - GreenLancer's engineering customers make up the country's largest network of solar installers.  We're involved in their business day-to-day, and only use those installers with the highest quality and customer satisfaction

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