Take Advantage of Winter Rates on Solar Permit Packages

Residential Solar Designs

2-20-2015 Take Advantage of Winter Rates on Solar Permit Packages

Don’t let the winter blues get your solar business down. Bring back the sun with GreenLancer’s limited time permit package pricing today, with residential solar permit packages starting at $250.00*

GreenLancer’s solar permit packages equip you with all the necessary documents you need to submit to the AHJ. Because we value efficiency, we work with your AHJ before we start on your permit, developing a detailed study outlining your specific permit requirements.

Down to the documents’ formatting and handling, we ensure that your white-labled documents look like they came directly from your office.

When you work with GreenLancer, you won’t be part of the 11 percent of solar installations in the U.S. that encounter problems with incomplete permits. GreenLancer’s permits average a 94 percent first-time acceptance rate, so you can get approved and move on with your installation.

Approach the solar permitting process with ease, confidence, and professionalism.

Permit Package Sale
Turnaround 0-10kW Price 10-20kW Price 20-30kW Price
3 day $250.00 $350.00 $500.00

For inquiries or to redeem this offer, please contact sales@greenlancer.com, call 313-312-5101, or create a new account / login on GreenLancer.com.
Your personalized solar permit package includes:**

-Site Plan
-Project Plan
-Single Line Diagram
-Racking Plan
-Racking Details
-Data Sheets
-P.E. Stamps (available upon request)

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*Offer valid through March 15th, 2015

**Offer valid for U.S. projects only

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