Why the Feasibility Study is Your Secret Weapon for Closing A Solar Deal

3-25-2015 Why the Feasibility Study is Your Secret Weapon for Closing A Solar Deal

Solar, like many industries, is competitive by nature. Installers who want to excel in solar often engage in friendly competition with other local installers. At GreenLancer, we want to make sure that you are well-prepared for closing a solar deal. That’s why we offer our feasibility study service.

What Are Feasibility Studies?

GreenLancer’s feasibility studies are designed to help you discuss the potential benefits, implications, and realities of being a solar homeowner. The study is done remotely, so your customer won’t need to worry about strangers tromping through his yard.

GreenLancer creates a basic building model from your customer’s home and places the preliminary solar array layouts on the roof. The study takes into account shading and obstructions, so you’ll have an accurate idea of what the system will look like when you talk to your customer.

You’ll Look More Professional

Seeing the prospective project before you even reach your customer’s house helps you look more professional. You have time to look over the study and anticipate any questions that your customer might have. This allows you to prepare some answers ahead of time, so you end up looking more knowledgeable, too.

It also lets you ensure that you can accurately describe the system to your customer. If you work with several different solar customers at the same time, it can be difficult to keep each project straight. GreenLancer’s feasibility study helps ensure that you know exactly which project you’re talking about.

You’ll Increase Sales

When you work with GreenLancer, you’ll get your preliminary designs back within a few days. Having your feasibility study in your hands sooner means that you’re more likely to convert customers. You can add something to the customer’s initial wave of excitement over going solar. You can “strike while the iron is hot” and increase your chances of making a sale.

Furthermore, your customer will be more impressed when you let him know that his feasibility study is ready just a few days after your initial meeting. He’ll feel like his project was your top priority because you managed to produce the feasibility study so quickly. This in turn can increase his confidence level in going solar and in your ability as a contractor.

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You’ll Have Relevant Data

Having a visual aid on hand is helpful to show your customer exactly what you’re talking about. This is especially true for highly visual customers. The feasibility study helps your customer visualize how the solar system will look on his house.

You also have a predefined set of talking points to cover with your customer when using a feasibility study. The study takes any obstructions into account, and it estimates the efficiency of each panel. You can give your customer a realistic estimate about the system’s power and its energy savings.

Boost Your Business Today

As solar installers become more and more competitive, you want to make sure that you stay ahead of the game. There’s nothing wrong with a little friendly competition, especially if you rarely lose. The best way to improve your chances of winning more customers is to take advantage of GreenLancer’s feasibility studies.

To get started, create your account and let us know your project details. Still have questions about the process? Call us at (313) 312-5101.

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