Infographic: Top 10 States for Solar Capacity

solar capacity

4-23-2015 Infographic: Top 10 States for Solar Capacity

As solar continues to spread across the US, it changes the country’s energy landscape. States that were once struggling with energy demand now have a little breathing room. PV rooftop solar panels may not look like much, but they pack a serious punch when they’re used en masse.

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Solar Capacity Rankings

To visualize the spread of solar, The Open PV Project has created a map that details the number of solar systems installed in each state as well as the capacity of each state. We’ve taken this information and condensed it into the top 10 states for solar capacity.

It’s no surprise that California leads the way, but what is surprising is just how far behind the rest of the nation is, even within the top 10 states for solar capacity. California boasts an impressive 1,893.91 MW of solar capacity. New Jersey, the second state for solar capacity only has 845.47 MW of installed solar.

While there’s definitely room for improvement, the US is making great strides towards becoming a solar-powered nation. That’s something to be proud of.

Solar Capacity by State


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