The Ultimate Profile of the Average Solar Homeowner in America

3-18-2015 The Ultimate Profile of the Average Solar Homeowner in America

The American solar industry is booming and as more and more homeowners decide to go solar, long-held beliefs about those who take the solar plunge are being challenged. What do average American solar homeowners of the 21st century look like? We took a survey of available facts and figures and put together a brief profile:

They’re male

Among married couples, men were the first ones interested in going solar 68% of the time. Likewise, 72% of the people who do the research and financial calculations about solar are men.

They love their gadgets

Solar homeowners are more likely to be the first ones on their block to adopt new technologies. Just under half of them (44%) say they love technology and gadgets.

They’re middle class

The days of residential solar systems being installed exclusively for the super wealthy are gone. More than 60% of residential solar installations happen in ZIP codes with median incomes ranging from $40,000 to $90,000.

They’re not treehuggers

While solar is a great way for people to reduce their carbon footprints, nearly three quarters of homeowners go solar because it will ultimately save them money.

Their houses are cooler in the summer

If you’re looking for a place to cool off during the dog days of summer, try your local solar homeowners’ residence. They’re more likely to keep their thermostats lower during summer because of the extra savings they get from their panels.

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They get decent returns on their solar system investment

Average solar homeowners’ electricity bills before going solar were around $177.60. After installing solar, most homeowners saw their energy bills drop to $55, giving them average annual savings of $1,471.

They’re not super liberal

Average solar homeowners fit the “middle of the road” description when it comes to politics. While there are extremely liberal and extremely conservative solar homeowners, they’re more the exception than the rule.

They’re resourceful

Almost one third of solar homeowners think of themselves as resourceful and ready for anything. Given this statistic, it’s not surprising that 18% of them have served in the military.

They’re a little religious

Though solar has enjoyed a spike in popularity in evangelical circles, most solar homeowners consider themselves somewhat religious. As with their political beliefs, average solar homeowners are almost in the middle of the religious spectrum.

They’re like you

Most solar homeowners aren’t that much different from the general American population. They’ve simply decided to take charge of their energy use and carbon footprint by significantly reducing it. The next time you meet a solar homeowner, stop and chat a while. You may find you have more in common than you think.

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