Solar Energy Vs. Wind Energy: How Do They Compare?

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6-14-2015 Solar Energy Vs. Wind Energy: How Do They Compare?

Solar energy and wind energy are both excellent alternative sources of power. They emit zero greenhouse gasses and have no carbon footprint. However, they are vastly different in scope and industry size.

When comparing solar energy and wind energy, it becomes obvious that the wind industry is a little more well established. But what the solar industry lacks in market maturity, it makes up for in growth.

solar energy

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Popular Opinion

The Morning Consult and the Gallup, Inc. both asked Americans about alternative energy sources.

The Morning Consult asked which readers favored various energy sources. The results were then broken down by political party. Solar energy was the number one choice for Democrats and Independents. It took second place to natural gas for Republicans. Wind energy came in second with Democrats, third with Independents, and fourth with Republicans.

Americans Favor Energy Sources

Public opinion poll on different sources of energy from the Morning Consult.


A 2013 Gallup Poll asked Americans which energy source they thought the US should place more emphasis on in terms of domestic energy production. Solar energy was the clear winner across the board. 76 percent of Americans supported placing more emphasis on it. Wind came in second with 71 percent, and natural gas ranked third at 65 percent.

Gallup Poll About Energy

Gallup Poll about domestic energy production


A Clean Energy Future

It’s clear that Americans support alternative sources of energy, and wind and solar are making alternative power a reality. To learn more about the solar industry and the benefits of solar energy, check out the Solar Energy Industries Association’s website. For more information on wind power, visit the American Wind Energy Association’s website.

Though the solar industry and the wind industry are different in many ways, they still have the same goal: provide the world with a clean energy source. With a goal like that, everyone wins.

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