Solar Concept Designs Make Interconnection Easy

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4-14-2015 Solar Concept Designs Make Interconnection Easy

Interconnection can be a lengthy, sometimes frustrating process. The average wait time for processing an interconnection application is about four weeks. However, it’s not uncommon for some installers and homeowners to wait over eight weeks to get the all clear.

Several factors influence the time it takes a utility to process interconnection applications. Unclear connection standards and unspecified equipment requirements can lead to frustration as installers try to determine what the utility company wants them to use.

GreenLancer’s Solar Concept Designs help clear up any confusion in solar interconnection requirements, and they can help speed the interconnection process along.

What is a Concept Design?

A concept design is a document that provides a detailed model of the solar installation, including a three-line electrical diagram. It has all the necessary information for an interconnection application. In some AHJs, you can use concept designs to apply for solar permits. However, solar concept designs are generally used for applying to the local utility for an interconnection.

Like all documents that GreenLancer creates, the concept design will be white-labeled with your logo professionally displayed. If you want a little more from your concept designs, you can request a 3D rendering of the model. This can make it easier to visualize what the project will look like once it’s completed.

If you’re tired of dealing with frustrating, unclear utility guidelines, you can leave the work to GreenLancer. We can use the concept design to complete the interconnection application on your behalf.

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Why use a Concept Design?

With your concept design professionally printed and labeled, you look more professional. If you choose to fill out and submit an interconnection application yourself, you won’t have to worry about trying to find all of the information you need. You’ll have it all in one place in your concept design.

Having a clear concept design can also help speed the interconnection process along. Utilities surveyed in the Distributed Solar Interconnection Challenges and Best Practices report by the US Department of Energy cited incorrectly filled out or incomplete applications as a major problem. Using a quality concept design, you can properly fill out interconnection applications.

Make Interconnection Easier

Don’t let the interconnection process become a nightmare. It doesn’t have to be, especially when you use GreenLancer’s concept design package. See just how simple the whole process can be. Create an account today. Still have questions? Call us at (313) 312-5101.

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