Solar Concept Design Questions and Answers

6-12-2013 Solar Concept Design Questions and Answers

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After having a solar feasibility study done, the next step in any green energy project is the solar concept design. Below are some questions that will help explain what a solar concept design is, and why one is needed.

What is a solar concept design?

A solar concept design is a document, like the solar feasibility study, but with more detailed information. There are diagrams that show where the PV (photovoltaic) module(s) will be placed, and at what angle, etc.

What is a solar concept design used for?  

The solar concept design is used as a basis to specify the best application and identify the optimal system performance and configuration, and to help facilitate discussion with the owner, contractor, and investor.

Are there different types of solar concept designs?  

Yes, and they are based on size. The smallest is residential, with commercial in the middle, and the largest solar concept design is industrial.

What is included in the solar concept design?  

The solar concept design includes 3D models, application recommendations, design iterations, equipment data sheets, vivid renderings with tables and graphs, and informative 2D shop drawings. You can add a design comparison and/or bill of materials as part of the concept design.

Can it be customized for the company I work for?  

Every solar concept design is a custom product, and can be branded with the company logo and information. This helps ensure a quick delivery, and a professional looking proposal.

Are there any examples I can look at?

If you click on the link and scroll to the bottom of the page, there are four different examples of solar concept designs that will open in pdf form.

Where can I get a solar concept design?

Click here to get a quote and start the process quick and easy process of obtaining a solar concept design!

If there are any questions that you have that have not been answered in this Q&A, feel free to contact GreenLancer (

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