Four Simple Tips to Help New Solar Installers Succeed

Residential Solar Panel Design

2-23-2015 Four Simple Tips to Help New Solar Installers Succeed

It’s an exciting time to be a solar installer. Employment in the industry increased by almost 22 percent between November 2013 and November 2014. The demand for residential solar is only expected to increase in 2015 as consumers battle high energy prices, and look to loans to finance systems on their homes. This is all good news for contractors, but it does lead to increased competition as more solar installers move into the market. To stay ahead of the competition, GreenLancer recommends contractors adopt the following strategies.

Know the Licensing Requirements

Being properly certified and licensed is one of the most important things installers can do. It boosts consumer confidence, and it helps keep installers up-to-date with best practices in the solar industry. The gold standard for solar certification is the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP). The organization’s certification is well-known and respected. Furthermore, NABCEP offers contractors the opportunity to continue their education through conferences.

In addition to NABCEP certification, contractors should know their state-specific licensing requirements. The Interstate Renewable Energy Council has compiled a solar licensing database that breaks down the requirements by state.

Stay informed

The solar industry is constantly changing. The laws and regulations governing solar panels and installations change frequently. Additionally, researchers and companies are always trying to find ways to improve photovoltaic (PV) panels.

If installers don’t make an effort to keep up with the latest solar trends and industry news, they will inevitably be left behind. To be successful, contractors need to keep their business up-to-date and show customers that they’re familiar with the latest solar news.

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 Stay Connected

Successful solar contractors don’t exist in a vacuum. They have a solid network of contacts that keeps them connected to warm leads, potential strategic partnerships, and developments in the industry.

There are other businesses and individuals involved in the solar installation process. Contractors should be able to connect with inspectors, utility company employees, and designers or engineers. These people will all play an important part in the process, and having a working relationship makes life easier for installers.

With GreenLancer, installers can easily grow their solar network. We connect contractors to a network of solar designers and engineers. Having an extensive network of designers at their fingertips gives contractors a strategic advantage over the competition.

Streamline your Design & Permit Process

Design & Permitting can become a bottleneck in your workflow, and detract from a great customer service experience. GreenLancer takes away the hassle and confusion by working with contractors through every step of the design process. Our service offerings for each job include a feasibility study, concept design, financial analysis, and permitting package. We offer installers a unique opportunity to reduce their soft costs and frustration during the permitting process.

In 21 percent of their residential projects, solar installation companies hire an external electrical engineer, paying about $900 per job. With GreenLancer, installers’ per-project fees will be much lower. Furthermore, we take care of gathering the necessary permitting information from the AHJ, so contractors don’t have to struggle to understand the confusing web of instructions and procedures.

GreenLancer enables contractors to focus on growing their business. Because they won’t have to worry about deciphering the AHJ’s instructions, contractors can start more solar projects or increase marketing efforts to reach new customers.

Enjoy Success as a Solar Installer

Breaking into the solar market is a great move for contractors who are passionate about providing alternative energy and who want to capitalize on society’s move towards renewable energy. Staying on top of licensing requirements, staying informed & connected, and working with GreenLancer can help you optimize your business for success.

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