Reducing Solar Soft Costs

3-04-2013 Reducing Solar Soft Costs

Reducing Solar Soft Costs

GreenLancer Reduces Solar Soft Costs

Solar energy is growing at a phenomenal rate in both domestic and global markets. Fierce competition continues driving down the costs of components such as solar panels, inverters, and racking, making the total system cost far less than it use to be. However, did you know that recent studies have shown it’s still ½ the costs to install solar in Germany compared to the United States? But why is this?

What are Solar “Soft Costs”?

The main difference lies in the “soft costs” of engineering and designing solar pv systems. The costs of obtaining permits, interconnection fees, and other related paperwork have increased project costs and made it much more difficult for solar to be installed in the USA. Solar installers have a surplus of manufacturers and distributors to get price competitive product from. However, contractors have limited choices when it comes to sourcing affordable solar engineering expertise. That is all about to change.

How GreenLancer Reduces Solar Soft Costs

Through innovation, systematic workflows, and standardized processes, GreenLancer has created a way to drastically reduce the “soft costs” of developing renewable energy projects. In doing so, GreenLancer is providing contractors the next generation of professional engineering services.

This web-based engineering company has created an online platform that streamlines the project development process by offering predefined technical engineering documents via the web. This allows customers to know exactly what they’re going to get, when they’re going to get it, and how much it’s going to cost before they ever place an order. This gives contractors the ability to accurately estimate project costs and control profits.

GreenLancer’s “post-industrial” business model leverages technology with a network of highly skilled engineers to make engineering support very quick, easy, affordable, and accessible to anyone, anywhere in the world. Regardless of the project or technology involved, GreenLancer has the engineering support needed for contractors to be successful winning bids and installing systems.

GreenLancer’s new way of doing business allows contractors to “plug-in” with they have work and “plug-out” when they don’t. This gives contractors the ability to do projects without incurring the high overhead of hiring full-time engineering support. GreenLancer has the experience needed to help support clients throughout all the different phases of a project including: sales, permits, project management and installation.

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