Reducing Soft Costs: ‘On-Demand’ System Design

5-13-2014 Reducing Soft Costs: ‘On-Demand’ System Design


If you’re involved in the solar industry in any capacity, then you’re well aware of design and engineering woes of a developing a solar system. As you’d expect, with industry growth comes new strategies to even the playing field and simplify the process. Among these strategies for reducing soft costs are ways for smaller businesses to compete with the larger, more established firms.  By outsourcing their design, BOS component lists, permit drawings, and interconnection applications, Connecticut based C-TEC Solar saved time, money, and grief by using

In a brief telephone interview with C-TEC Solar project manager Josh Ferguson, he explained what he’s doing to scale up in the engineering department. “After doing our homework, we partnered with because of their unique online engineering and design services. It allowed us to scale up to meet increasing demand and still get the work done right the first time. It’s also nice to know that our field staff can do solar site surveys and upload them from their phones and tablets.” Josh further explained, “For start-ups and veteran’s alike, the engineering phase in solar design has frequently been a bottle neck. In competition to cut costs and accelerate turn around time we’re glad we discovered We out source our engineering to them because they offer a menu of services through their cloud based systems that are easy to use and delivered faster than we can do it ourselves. When you turn your attention on reducing ‘soft costs’, this is exactly what we mean.”

“C-TEC is a great example of how we’ve helped solar contractors ‘scale up’ production” said GreenLancer CEO, Michael Sharber. “C-TEC Solar has an outstanding reputation and an impressive track record of providing state-of-the-art solar systems and we’re proud to be working with them as they expand their expertise to the U.S. market.

Visitors to C-TEC Solar can connect with solar specialists, who will guide them to the best solar power plans available. The C-TEC Solar specialists take into account factors such as location, energy usage, size of home and available tax incentives to propose accurate, competitive quotes. With detailed financial assessments, they show homeowners how much money they can save on their energy bills by going solar.

C-TEC Solar, located in Simsbury, CT., is Connecticut’s largest, locally owned clean technology company. C-TEC uses their capabilities and experience to offer  residential and commercial customers solar support, but use GreenLancer to get their projects designed, approved, and installed quickly, professionally and at surprisingly minimal cost. provides engineering support to any size client throughout the U.S. and internationally. The Detroit-based company has completed over 70Mw of projects in 32 states, six countries and four continents. GreenLancer grabbed industry wide headlines when they won first place in the 2013 SPI ‘Start Up Alley’ competition.

To learn more, contact a C-TEC Solar Specialist at 855-76-SOLAR (855-767-6527) or visit for more information.

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