Reduce your Soft Cost

6-11-2013 Reduce your Soft Cost

By Leslie Hedrick

If saving a lot of time and money on your next solar projects interests you …then read on. There is a new e-commerce platform in town you should know about that streamlines the most time consuming—and expensive—aspect of solar project development: soft costs. This includes things like customer acquisition, project management, site analysis, feasibility study, and permitting to mention a few .

The system, developed by GreenLancer works like this  …Go to and set up a free account on your desktop, iPad, iPhone, or Android. You can choose from a menu of services like feasibility study, concept design, financial analysis, or permit package. The platform will guide you step-by-step …filling out user friendly forms with the project specs, then the data is sent off to the GreenLancer engineering specialists who work behind the scenes and take care of all the fancy engineering footwork in a few days …that often take traditional engineering firms weeks to complete.

GreenLancer, one of the Quicken Loans ‘family of Companies’, based out of Detroit, has developed a unique Cloud-based platform that perfectly complements the process of solar project management. It essentially functions as a hub, connecting contractors with the appropriate qualified freelance engineers—greenlancers—across the country. Contractors can order predefined engineering services online, and a network of greenlancers go to work on the project.

With successful projects in nearly all fifty states and numerous completed overseas projects, GreenLancer is in a perfect position to make solar development simpler, faster and cheaper for contractors across the country.

Mr. Jason Loyet, managing director of Solar Site Design, a Lousiville KY, based solar marketing firm, explained why GreenLancer is a perfect fit for working with his company. “We really feel GreenLancer is positioned in a very unique way in the industry, being able to manage engineering and permitting documents for us in the Cloud. It’s a perfect marriage—we can leverage our sales team and GreenLancer provides us with the back office engineering support we need to work on projects throughout the US.

“They have the experience specialists to solve problems and remove bottlenecks that solar projects developers may encounter. Since solar is a evolving technology …that’s where having the Greenlancer team behind us. This is great news for contractors in markets where solar and green technology is just gaining a foothold.

“In places like the Midwest,” Jason said, “electrical contractors, roofers, and other companies are really just ramping up in the area of solar technology. There may not be a lot of local resources for them to rely on. This is where GreenLancer can provide a lot of support”.

“That’s where we see the next generation of solar going,” Jason said. At this point, the solar market is expanding in pockets across the US. “GreenLancer leverages experience from markets they’ve done work in, and infuses it into new markets that may not have as much experience.  It adds layers of support for the next generation of contractor in the evolving market. This is another example of where adoptive cloud based technology saves everyone time, money and speeds up your project.”


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