GreenLancer Recruiting

Working remotely, greenlancers (solar design freelancers) commit to and complete tasks using our online platform on Tasks, which we call “gigs” involve drafting site layouts, shade analysis, racking design, and electrical system design to create complete, permit & construction-ready plan sets for residential solar photovoltaic projects.


All gigs are designed so that they take less than an hour to complete, and pay bonuses for quick completion. As you perfect tasks, you can be moved up to more difficult tasks that pay more.

How it Works for Greenlancers

1. Explore

Learn about green energy freelancing.

2. On-Board

Identify your relevant qualifications.

3. Train

Practice gigs and ask questions.

4. Earn

Complete remote gigs 24/7 and earn money.

5. Grow

Advance your skills as a greenlancer.

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