Innovative Business model helps drive down the Cost of Solar power

3-09-2013 Innovative Business model helps drive down the Cost of Solar power

GreenLancer has developed a platform and standardized services to assist contractors in developing and designing solar electric systems. The development of the GreenLancer platform is uniquely positioned to benefit solar installers around the country in their sales and design efforts.

“GreenLancer’s solar technical support supercharges contractors, reducing pain points and bottlenecks during the sales cycle and engineering phases of a project.”

GreenLancer is a cloud-based solar design platform for contractors who are experienced solar installers – specifically, photovoltaic solar systems. Once the solar contractor starts an account and completes registration at, they are ready to start ordering GreenLancer’s standardized services.

Before even arriving on site, GreenLancer captures key, aerial site information with a Feasibility Study that the contractor can show the prospective buyer. If the buyer is interested, the site evaluation data is collected and submitted and a team of experienced solar engineers ‘in the cloud’ begin working on a Concept Design drawing and Bill of Materials. This concept drawing and BOM is a crucial part of the sales process, as it shows the contractor the material quantities needed to estimate the system costs.

Once the system costs have been estimated, a contractor can order a detailed Financial Analysis that takes into account incentives, system performance, and payment method to report key financial indicators such as return on investment, payback year, and the 25 year cash flow. The Financial Analysis is intuitive, simple and straightforward to understand and helps contractors sell more systems to informed buyers.

Once a contract is signed, the contractor can order a Permit Package that consists of all the drawings needed to obtain an installation permit from the municipality. Add-on services assists the busy contractor get everything done on time and on budget. Complete site evaluations, artistic renderings, and RFP support services such as scheduling, accredited consulting, and proposal writing help contractors win more bids.

Contractors who use GreenLancer’s suite of services will grow their solar installation business and streamline their operations. Our mission at GreenLancer is to accelerate the development of solar energy by reducing soft costs associated with customer acquisition, project development, system design, and engineering.

The GreenLancer platform will officially launch in spring of 2013. Register here to be one of the first to use our easy to order services.  Also, be sure to follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Google+ for up-to-the-minute information on the official launch!

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