How GreenLancer Streamlines the Solar Design Process

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5-07-2015 How GreenLancer Streamlines the Solar Design Process

Creating a quality solar design can be a time-consuming process, which isn’t ideal if you need it quickly. Hiring a traditional engineering design firm is expensive, and you may have to wait weeks to get your solar design. The other option, keeping an engineer on staff, is generally too costly for many independent installers.

Assembly Line Process

GreenLancer saw the problem that the traditional solar design model created: there was no way to create quality designs quickly. We knew that sacrificing quality for a quick turnaround time wasn’t an option, so we went back to our Detroit roots. There, we found the answer: the moving assembly line.

At GreenLancer, we break the solar design process into small, easily manageable steps, much like Henry Ford did with his Model T. Instead of assigning the entire solar project to one person, our solar design experts work on only one piece.

After the first design expert completes the first piece of the design, your project moves on to the second design expert, who then applies his expertise to your project. Your solar design continues this way through our virtual assembly line of qualified solar designers. At each checkpoint your design goes through, it must pass a rigorous quality inspection process.

When your solar design has been completed, it goes through a final quality check. We ensure that everything is correct and that you’re getting exactly what you ordered. After your design passes our quality check, you can download it and get to work.

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 Where’s the standardization?

It’s almost impossible to standardize solar designs across the board. Each house and project is different, so each set of designs needs to be different, too. How does GreenLancer standardize the design process to make installers’ lives easier? Through three predefined packages:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Concept designs
  • Permit packages

When you order one of our packages, you know exactly what you’re getting. Each of our products fills a single need in a specific way. If you’re getting a feasibility study, you can expect to receive a model of the house you’re working on complete with solar panels arranged on top of it as well as notations about shade and obstructions. Every time you order a feasibility study, you’ll get these same factors.

A Quality Solar Design Every Time

Breaking the solar design process down into small steps and assigning a designer to each step enables GreenLancer to create high quality designs quickly. The days of waiting around to get your solar design are gone. You don’t have time to let your projects sit.

Experience GreenLancer’s unique assembly line process for yourself. Create an account today. Still have questions? Call us at (313) 312-5101.

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