Why is GreenLancer Changing the World of Solar Designs? EVP Michael Sharber Answers

5-29-2015 Why is GreenLancer Changing the World of Solar Designs? EVP Michael Sharber Answers

“Why does GreenLancer focus on changing the way Solar Designs are done?”

Naturally, I’m often asked this question, in one form or another.

The short answer is simple, because improvements to the design and permitting process would help to reduce the overall project’s costs for installers and end-users. But of course, there’s more to it. Here are five thoughts on why GreenLancer is focusing on the design and permitting portion of a solar installation.

1. Compared to other industries, solar is still in its infancy.

Although solar has been around for decades, it wasn’t until around 2007 that the industry had begun to see a big uptick. Since then, almost every sector of the solar industry, from manufacturing and product design, to financing and installation has experienced significant changes. While the efficiency of the panels, and the manufacturing techniques have improved, the non-hardware costs (customer acquisition, design, permitting) need to progress as well. This is where we see the opportunity to make a big impact.

2. GreenLancer leverages the Internet to stay ahead of the curve.

Like any other type of construction, solar system designs are typically done in-house or outsourced to another brick-and-mortar design firm. Both models traditionally come with high overhead costs, slow turnarounds, and no economies of scale. With the unprecedented growth brought about in residential solar, and a greater need for the installations to be quick and efficient, pen and paper isn’t going to cut it.

3. We’re in the business of making things easier – and more lucrative for solar installers.

As solar grows, the industry is streamlining. As we’re using technology to bring standardization and an automated workflow the solar design process, we view GreenLancer as part of that bigger picture to reduce soft costs. Our platform helps installers save time, increase customer satisfaction, and keep the installation pipeline moving.

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 4. We’re not here to simply react to changes in the solar industry, we’re here to shape it.

Every solar installation in the United States needs a permit approval from one or more of the 18,000 jurisdictions. With our unique business model, we have the ability to continuously research the requirements for each of these jurisdictions, doing the legwork necessary to get the jobs done. Easing the burden of paperwork and making design & permitting simple – changes the status quo.

5. We truly believe in the transformative power of solar energy, and we want to enable more companies to install solar.

As solar becomes more popular nation wide, the business opportunity for contractors to install solar is growing. Our service allows companies that don’t have a traditional engineering resource to get into the game. We empower them to provide American homeowners energy freedom.

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