GreenLancer Works Hard, Plays Hard

5-19-2015 GreenLancer Works Hard, Plays Hard

Most of us have heard that a company can increase its productivity by encouraging its employees to enjoy a break or two during the work day. This helps prevent burnout and keeps employees feeling more relaxed.

However, few companies really stand by this principle and help employees let loose a little during the day.

At GreenLancer, we  decided to help our employees relax by adding a new accessory to one of our existing conference tables. We discovered that our employees enjoyed the ability to take a break from a relentless problem and play a few rounds of ping pong.

It gave our employees some time to focus on something other than work, and when they returned to their desks, they were generally more alert and ready to dive back in. Even those who don’t play get the chance to watch and cheer on their coworkers.

Zac MacVoy (CEO) (left) and Jeremy Duston (right) enjoying a friendly game of ping pong.

Zac MacVoy, CEO (left) and Jeremy Duston (right) enjoying a friendly game of ping pong.


We also found that the ping pong table brought out some of our employees’ competitive streaks. This led to impromptu team building through friendly competition. Very few challenges can encourage two people to work together against a common opponent like a friendly challenge to a doubles ping pong match.

We held GreenLancer’s first bracket style ping pong tournament shortly after buying the accessories. Everyone in the office participated to see who would be crowned ping pong champion. The competition was stiff, but Jeremy Duston managed to emerge victorious as the reigning ping pong champion. However, he won’t be able to rest on his laurels for long. Jeremy may have to defend his title against a few eager competitors soon.

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