GreenLancer VP Gives Talk at Techweek Detroit

Techweek Detroit

4-22-2015 GreenLancer VP Gives Talk at Techweek Detroit

Michael Sharber, Co-Founder and Executive Vice President of Green Lancer, was one of seven panelists at Techweek Detroit to share their stories of founding a start up in Detroit.

The panelists discussed all the emotional, physical, and mental taxes one may incur during the initial phases. Sharber also talked about the technological advances in the solar industry and how GreenLancer has created a niche  in Detroit, MI.

Streamlining Solar

Breaking down the company’s backend operations, Sharber explained to the Techweek Detroit audience that GreenLancer is not your ordinary brick and mortar engineering firm. Instead of having only one to two designers working on twenty projects, the company has twenty designers working on a single project. This allows for higher quality designs and increased productivity for GreenLancer.

GreenLancer has been able to streamline its workflow by using Henry Ford’s assembly line model. However, instead of using skilled tradesmen, GreenLancer employs AutoCad and PHP developers.

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Techweek Detroit Goes Green

Investing in solar seems questionable in the Midwest because of the lack of regular sunlight throughout the year. However, Sharber explained why that perception isn’t reality. Not only does solar work great in the Midwest as it does in other Northern states, but Midwestern residents have access to great financing options that make solar installation an attractive investment.

It was clear from Sharber’s talk at Techweek Detroit that while GreenLancer handles designs from anywhere in the country, it is looking to drive the green-energy movement in Michigan, showing great promise in the future.

GreenLancer is always looking for more talent, so if you’re interested in joining the team, check out the Careers page.

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