GreenLancer Signs Master Service Agreement with PURE Energies

4-10-2014 GreenLancer Signs Master Service Agreement with PURE Energies

Agreement is largest to date for

DETROIT, April 7, 2014   —, a web-based engineering company that designs and engineers green energy systems “in the cloud”, announced today that it has signed a master service agreement with PURE Energies, one of North America’s largest solar companies, to supply blueprints and permit drawings for all the residential systems being installed by PURE Energies in California.

“We partnered with PURE Energies because of their unique online market place that empowers homeowners to go solar, save on their household energy costs, and reduce the carbon footprint in their communities,” said GreenLancer CEO Michael Sharber.

Visitors to can connect with solar specialists, who will help them compare the offerings of a wide range of residential solar providers in their area and sign up for the best solar power plan available. The PURE Solar Specialists take into account factors such as location, energy usage, size of home and available tax incentives to propose accurate, competitive quotes. With detailed financial assessments, they show homeowners how much money they can save on their energy bills by going solar. GreenLancer in partnership with PURE, will provide blueprints and permit drawings for all the residential systems in California.

GreenLancer CEO Michael Sharber said the Pure Energies contract is the largest master service agreement his company has signed and will require GreenLancer to leverage its cutting edge technology and its national network of alternative energy engineers (aka “GreenLancers”) to provide fast, easy and affordable engineering permits to PURE Energies.

Michael Sharber, CEO,

Michael Sharber, CEO,

“PURE Energies has an outstanding reputation and an impressive track record of providing state-of-the-art solar systems throughout North America and we’re proud to be working with them as they bring their expertise to the U.S. market,” Sharber said. “We’re confident we can meet their exacting standards and their tight schedules and deliver the cost-effective solutions they need. We look forward to expanding our relationship with them.

“With the extreme winter we’re just coming out of and the price of heating escalating, interest in solar energy is booming,” said Sharber. “The capabilities and experience that companies like PURE Energies, One Block off the Grid and GreenLancer can offer residential customers helps them get their projects designed, approved and installed quickly, professionally and at minimal cost.” provides engineering support to clients throughout the U.S. and internationally. The award winning Detroit-based company has completed projects in 32 states, six countries and four continents.

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