GreenLancer Sales, Revenue & Product Gains for 2013

12-20-2013 GreenLancer Sales, Revenue & Product Gains for 2013

Detroit, December 19 –  2013 was a very good year for, the Detroit-based solar energy engineering company that grew from three to nine full-time team members and moved out of its loft-style office on Grand Blvd. to a new location on the 27th floor of the David Stott building in the heart of downtown.

The company quadrupled the size of its customer base vs. 2012 and successfully completed its first $500,000 fundraise. was the “runaway” winner of the Start-up Alley Challenge at the Solar Power International Conference in Chicago, beat dozens of companies to be named “Emerging Company of the Year” by the Michigan Energy Innovation Business Council, and was a semi-finalist in the 2013 Accelerate Michigan Innovation competition.

“It’s been a solid year and we believe we’ve positioned ourselves for significant continued growth in  2014,” says Michael Sharber, CEO.    “Our assembly line platform is performing up to expectations and helping us attract new business and our national network of ‘greenlancers’ (green energy engineering freelancers) has been fully vetted and trained and is ready for even the most complex solar engineering assignments.”  GreenLancer’s assembly line is a virtual model that provides faster and more accurate project documents for the company’s clients.

During 2013 successfully engineered and designed solar systems in 32 states and in six countries while enlisting more than 200 contractors to use its site.   Since launching its Virtual Engineering Center online resource in June the company has begun exploring relationships with many of the largest solar and construction companies in the industry.   

Greenlancer syndicated a second round of investment in November and expects to close on another $500,000 of investment early in 2014.

“The economics of solar energy are changing.  As hardware costs have declined, the industry has turned its attention to reducing soft costs.  This is the area where GreenLancer technology excels,” said Sharber.   

“We’re excited about how far we’ve come and more excited about where we’re going.  More important, we’re confident in our ability to deliver on our promises and achieve the ambitious goals we’ve set for ourselves.  We expect 2014 to be even more of a banner year for Greenlancer.”

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