GL a Finalist in the Clean Energy Trust Challenge

3-24-2014 GL a Finalist in the Clean Energy Trust Challenge

clean energy trust


The final round for the Early Stage Challenge (administered by Clean Energy Trust) is Thursday, April 3rd , and GreenLancer is a finalist! The Clean Energy Trust offers business development support to clean energy start-ups. Sector experts provide feedback, expertise, and develop strategies for the best path to commercialization and market growth.

The CET Early Stage Challenge event takes place in Chicago, Illinois. The finalists will deliver a pitch to a panel of judges, and the winner(s) will get a cash prize. The event annual and is for companies in the early stages in the Midwest region. If you are in Chicago, come and support GreenLancer! Tickets can be purchased here.

Clean Energy Trust

Clean Energy Trust has been around since April 2011, and has already made a measurable impact in the Midwest. They have “helped its start-up clients raise over $35M in follow-on investment from venture capitalists and the federal government” and have “successfully led the implementation of multiple technology commercialization and mentorship programs.” From airplanes, to cars, to the energy used by homes and businesses, Clean Energy Trust is having an impact.

Clean Energy Trust (CET) was founded to “accelerate the pace of clean energy innovations” in the Midwest. According to the CET website:

The Trust’s leadership brings capital and their personal and professional networks to this endeavor with the vision of making the Midwest region a national center of innovation for clean energy. By doing so CET believes the region will benefit from the creation of clean technology jobs, a healthier and more sustainable environment, a growing economy, and a higher quality of life for future generations.

Clean Energy Trust has the programs to make that happen! Programs include: Clean Energy Challenge, The Exchange, The Midwest Aviation Sustainable Biofuels Initiative (MASBI), Joint Center for Energy Storage and Research (JCESR), Lakeside, Mentorship, Tech Showcase, and Policy (short for policy and advocacy programming). You can learn more about each of these programs by clicking here.

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