Opened its Doors to OpenCo Detroit

9-19-2013 Opened its Doors to OpenCo Detroit

On September 12, 2013, headquarters welcomed OpenCo Detroit¬†participants into its new office building in downtown Detroit. OpenCo connects local thought leaders with the public to showcase companies within their city’s limits. CEO, Michael Sharber, and CTO, Patrick McCabe, spoke about how Detroit offered them many opportunities that other, more well established cities, could not. Programs such as TechTown and Bizdom helped connect these entrepreneurs with mentors to help them turn their vision into a viable business. High level executives made themselves accessible to brainstorm and advise on the fledgling company, something unheard of in established entrepreneurial hubs such as New York City and Silicon Valley. All in all, it was amazing to see how much interest there was in what is happening during this Detroit revitalization and how from it, innovation is being nurtured and rewarded.

OpenCo Detroit 2013    Michael Shaber speaks at OpenCo Detroit 2013

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