GreenLancer Appears in Energy Gang Podcast

4-02-2015 GreenLancer Appears in Energy Gang Podcast

Does the US solar industry need the Federal Tax Credit? If it expires and isn’t renewed, what will solar installation contractors do to reduce costs? GreenLancer was mentioned on Greentech Media’s (GTM) weekly podcast, The Energy Gang, as a possible solution. The show features discussion between Jigar Shah, Katherine Hamilton, and GTM Editor Stephen Lacey.

During the March 26, 2015 episode of the podcast, Debating the Solar Federal Tax Credit: Will Expiration Kill Jobs or Make Installers Stronger?, The Energy Gang discussed the future of solar. Barry Cinnamon of Cinnamon Solar joined the regulars for a lively talk about the ITC.

About 26 minutes into the podcast, the hosts begin talking about how the ITC’s expiration will more than likely hurt smaller installers.

They cite the large overhead cost of keeping an in-house engineer to design all the rooftop systems.

Instead of spending all their money on an in-house engineer, the hosts recommend using a company like GreenLancer to take care of everything. Not only does this save the installer money, but it also saves time.

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