Five Ways GreenLancer Creates High Quality Solar Designs

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6-25-2015 Five Ways GreenLancer Creates High Quality Solar Designs

High quality solar designs don’t have to take weeks to get back to you. At GreenLancer, we pride ourselves on delivering great designs in a fraction of the time that traditional design firms take. During our design process, we focus on making sure that your plans will enable you to complete your projects without any hassle or frustration. We manage this by following five essential points:

We’re There From Start to Finish

We handle every step of the process, from feasibility studies to the final review process, so we know your project well. This intimacy enables us to give you exceptional solar designs that you can use without delay.


Excellent solar designs that aren’t feasible are a waste of your money and your time. At GreenLancer, we ensure that the solar designs we give you are feasible for your location. We make sure that your design will work every time.

Customized Solar Designs

Unfortunately, there isn’t a “one rooftop solar design fits all” setup, so each installation requires different plans. In addition to differences in rooftops, there are local zoning restrictions and mounting limitations to consider. We take all of these into account when we create your designs. The best part is you don’t have to do any research beforehand. We do it all for you.

All you do is give us the specifics of the project, and we’ll look up any zoning restrictions or local limitations that might affect your installation. We then design the rooftop solar system and include a detailed model of the installation with a three-line electrical diagram. We also provide descriptions of the necessary materials for interconnection application.

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Rigorous Review Process

We know our designs are top notch, but we don’t take any chances letting mistakes slip through. Every design we send out is carefully reviewed in a streamlined process. This ensures that all of the solar designs that leave our office are held to the same rigorous standards. It also means that your project will go more quickly because you won’t have to worry about flawed plans.

Superior Customer Service

We stand behind our designs, which have a first-time acceptance rate of 94 percent. However, if you do encounter a problem with your designs, don’t hesitate to call us at (313) 312-5101. We know that time is money for many solar installers, so we want to get you back on track for your residential solar installation quickly.

Meet Your Design Match

We want to match you with the perfect design plans to help your installation process go as smoothly as possible. We’re confident that when you receive your white label designs (complete with your logo), you’ll feel like they’re the perfect match for you business.

What are you waiting for? Create your customer account and start enjoying high-quality solar designs from GreenLancer. Still have questions? Call us at (313) 312-5101.

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