Five Reasons to Go Solar Now


6-07-2015 Five Reasons to Go Solar Now

Solar’s popularity has skyrocketed recently, thanks to a price drop and ample incentives. There are many benefits to adding solar panels to your house. If you haven’t gone solar yet, or if you’re still thinking about it, check out these five reasons to go solar now.

You Can Take Advantage of the Solar ITC

The Investment Tax Credit (ITC) is set to expire on December 31, 2016. However, don’t wait that long to go solar. The industry expects to see a huge influx of solar installations in the latter half of 2016, which could mean that you’ll be waiting a while to get your system installed.

Don’t miss out on such a great money-saving opportunity as the ITC. It’s a dollar-for-dollar reduction in the income taxes that you would otherwise pay to the federal government. You can save up to 30 percent the price of your solar system. However, the ITC only applies to people who purchase their solar system, whether through a loan or in full.

You’ll Save Money on Energy Bills

Energy bills are an inescapable part of living in the modern era, right? Wrong. Solar systems have the potential to completely eliminate your energy bill in some months. If you live in a state with net metering, you may even be able to to make money.

How much money could you save? In 2011, the average American homeowner could save $20,000 over 20 years by installing a solar system. The amount of money homeowners are likely to save has probably risen in the past four years. The price of solar panels and equipment has fallen, as has the cost for labor. Depending on which state you live in, your savings may be greater or smaller.

Solar Increases Your Home’s Value

A study conducted by the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory found that adding solar panels to a house actually increases its value. Home buyers were willing to pay about four dollars per watt of installed PV. Considering that the average size of a residential PV system is about 3.6kW, homeowners can expect to receive about $15,000 extra for their home.

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It’s a Step Towards Energy Independence

After you install solar panels, you won’t have to rely so much on the utility company for your power. Even if you remain connected to the grid, you won’t be drawing as much power from it. If you decide to go off the grid completely, you won’t have to worry about the grid losing power. You won’t be affected by it. However, going off-grid is a very expensive option. Check out this complete run-down of solar systems for more information.

You’ll Help the Environment

Climate change is real, and it’s affecting our world. One of the most noticeable effects of overdevelopment coupled with climate change is the Great Barrier Reef’s loss of coral. In the last 30 years, the reef has lost 50 percent of its coral. Unesco is now considering placing it on an “in danger” list.

If we are to prevent and try to undo the damage wrought by climate change, we are going to have to find alternative sources of energy. Solar power is a viable, clean option that’s becoming more and more affordable. To learn more about climate change, click here.

Find a Local Installer

If you’re ready to go solar, contact a local installer. To find one near you, check out SEIA’s National Solar Database. It’s a handy tool that shows installers and manufacturers across the nation. Before you go solar, be sure to check with your homeowner’s association to make sure that you handle paperwork properly. For more information on HOAs, visit Before Going Solar: Five Tips for Surviving Your HOA.

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